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The American Red Cross depends upon it's volunteers to meet the emergency disaster caused needs of people effected by disasters in their communities. During a disaster response, these volunteers do everything from running shelthers, operating mobile feeding units, conducting damage assessment to overseeing and managing the entire operation To accomplish this, the American Red Cross offers a variety of training courses to prepare these volunteers to deliver high quality services promptly and efficiently to those in need.

Disaster Training
Client Casework: Providing Emergency Assistance
Damage Assessment
Disaster Kitchen Training
Disaster Mental Health: An Overview
Emergency Operations Center / Incident Command Liaison
ERV: Ready, Set, Roll
Financial and Statistical Information Management
Fulfilling Our Mission
Fulfilling Our Mission: Translating your Compassion into Community Action
Fundamentals of Public Affairs: The Local Response
Logistics Simulation
Logistics: An Overview
Mass Care II
Mass Care Overview: Rev 04/07
Mass Casualty Disaster
Psychological First Aid
Serving People with Disabilities Following a Disaster
Shelter Operations
Shelter Simulation
Supervision in Disaster
Workshop for Development of Community disaster Education Presenters
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