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As many of us plan to spend holidays with our families and enjoy food and gifts, I request you to think about our communities who are not as lucky, and to do what you can to help them. soma and modafinil pill online

Think of those parents who are unable to afford food, far less a holiday feast for their children. Think of the numerous shelters that will be called upon to provide a place for thousands of people to sleep, and the numerous other groups that will offer perhaps the only benefit that certain children will get this holiday season. Our community, and the organizations that assist them in their times of need, need our assistance.

You will help make a difference in the lives of our community by contributing to the program. We've lifted it to date. It's a fantastic journey, and we're truly thankful to everybody who has helped so far.

Luckily, participating is as simple as critical. And though it's easy to donate, the strength of your gift is tremendous. Around 1,250 state-wide nonprofits profit from our efforts. If any Virginia Tech employee contributed only $1.5 per pay cycle, we would have surpassed our target.

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